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Number of attacks against retailers falls, but the severity and sophistication increase    1, 3

Web attacks down, but more countries involved    3


The first 10 years of the Trojan Horse defence    5–13

When accused of some form of misdeed involving a computer, people increasingly proffer the excuse that it wasn’t them but some kind of malware placed on their machines without their knowledge. This so-called Trojan Horse Defence (THD) was first used a decade ago. In this article, Stephen Bowles and Julio Hernandez-Castro of the University of Kent undertake a timely retrospective with an in-depth and critical literature review, plus a detailed look at the peculiarities of many court cases from around the world.

The dangers in our trail of digital breadcrumbs    13–15

When we use computers and online services, traces of our activities inevitably remain. It’s natural to worry about how this data – much of which we’re not even aware exists – might be misused. On the other hand, organisations can find this information useful for perfectly legitimate reasons. Tracey Stretton and Luke Aaron of Kroll Ontrack take a look at the kinds of personal data and evidence of our activities that we leave in our wake and suggest some basic measures that both individuals and businesses can take to lessen the potential impact – particularly in the legal realm – of inappropriate use.

A patchy response: the dangers of not keeping our systems secure    15–20

Keeping track of the vulnerabilities in your systems has never been easy, and timely patching is important if you want to prevent malicious people exploiting flaws in the systems and software you use. But with today’s highly complex IT environments, it can be tricky to know which vulnerabilities apply to you. In this interview with Gavin Millard of Tenable Network Security, we discover how continuous monitoring, linked to effective remediation processes, is the only way to ensure you reduce the risk to your organisation to acceptable levels.


Editorial    2

News in brief    4

Calendar    20

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