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Editorial - The New Radiation Science

Prompted by our Founding Editor, Kai Siegbahn, we featured in the 500th volume of Nuclear Instruments and Methods A — a special section that recounted a vision for the development of instrumentation for synchrotron radiation science. In recognition of Kai’s keen interest in this field Elsevier awarded in 2009 the Kai Siegbahn Prize for achievement insynchrotron radiation instrumentation and science. While each of the types of synchrotron facilities described in that issue promise significant improvement to their users, one approach – the free electron laser – offers the possibility to investigate the phenomena that are not open to scrutiny in any other way. This frontier of research into ultra-fast phenomena or requiring ultra-fast probes can rightly be called the New Radiation Science.
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Nima 500
Fulvio Parmigiani
Physics of Life Reviews - Format Change

In this 7th volume we change the journal format to Open Peer Commentary. Most reviews will be follwed by 1-page comments discussing the review. Comments will be followed by a 2–3-page Author rebuttal. Comments will be invited by the Editor handling the review; we aim at 5 comments per review. Physics of Life Reviews has also been selected to be indexed and included in the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database..
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Physics of Life Reviews
The first ATLAS paper with collision data is now available

Physics Letters B is very pleased to publish the first ATLAS paper with collision data.

The paper, which is available Open Access, was refereed in 3 days and published 4 days after acceptance.
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Physics Letters B
SciVal Funding

SciVal Funding from Elsevier is a new web-based solution that gives research administrators and researchers in the pre-award stage immediate and comprehensive access to current research funding opportunities and award information. Opening a window into research activity, it provides the objective, analytical insights needed to maximize the potential of individuals, departments – and institutions.

  1. FIND the right funding opportunities
  2. ANALYZE the funding environment
  3. MAXIMIZE your chance for success
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SciVal Funding
SciVal Spotlight

SciVal Spotlight from Elsevier is a unique web-based strategic analysis tool that enables academic executives to make informed strategic decisions by measuring and evaluating an institution’s research performance. It supports the execution of integrated performance-based research strategies across your organization and the evolving research landscape. SciVal Spotlight provides objective, quantitative data so you can:

  1. Evaluate your institution’s research output in a single interface
  2. Establish or adjust your strategic direction
  3. Execute your research strategy
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SciVal Spotlight
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